By: Matt Xhignesse


In today’s economy, money is a big concern to everyone. To create some sort of security, and to help you look forward to a retirement that you’ve always dreamed of, there is the obvious option of turning your attention to your home. How can you increase your home’s value in a short period of time to help your long-term goals?


Fret not, for there is a great solution! A company run by mostly student franchisees, College Pro Painters offers home painting services in your area during the painting season – late spring, summer, and early fall for exterior work. That’s right – students are ready to paint your home and increase its value. Students are ready to help your future while working towards theirs!


A Fresh Coat - Increasing the Value of Your Home - College Pro Painters


So how does investing into home painting services increase the value of your abode? Let’s start with the physical process. What College Pro Painters will do when they begin to prepare a house is look for the spots where the materials are beginning to show signs of failure. With wood, the existing paint may be chipping, thus letting moisture into the grain of the wood. As the temperature rises and falls and the moisture expands and contracts, the wood will warp. Sanding the wood and existing paint down and filling in any existing cracks provides an even surface. Then, all it takes is a few coats of fresh paint to seal the wood. College Pro Painters only uses high quality paints to give proper coverage and protect from the elements penetrating your wood. The prevention is similar for most surfaces: a good grinding, rust primer and paint on iron railings will prevent rust from eating the material; paint on bricks prevents wind and rain from erosion. All of this protects the exterior surfaces of your home – helping to ensure that when it’s time to sell, you aren’t worried about rot and rust.


The fact that our home painting services reinforce the physical state of your home is already a boon to the value of your home, but the benefits of picking College Pro Painters don’t end there. Think about your dream home: it’s going to have some sort of perfect colour, right? It’s a colour that looks as good in the sun as it does on a cloudy day, something that speaks to you, even if you don’t know exactly why. When you talk to your College Pro franchisee, they will work with you to find that colour that works. This is an important choice in the value of your home, since it not only makes the aesthetic impact of a good-looking home, but an emotional impact. Every colour has its meanings and connotations, and the right colour will strike a chord with you – in a way, reflecting yourself.


Rest assured: when you use College Pro Painters, you are not only extending the life of your home and increasing curb appeal.  You’re also supporting the budding entrepreneurs in your community to create a solid foundation for their future.


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