By Nikki Borkhuis, franchise owner

Why Use College Pro as Your Contractor

My perspective, after a year running a College Pro franchise in the Upper Midwest US

  1. Communication: At College Pro we work to ensure that the lines of communication are clear from the estimate through to the completion of the job, starting with detailed proposals and information packets, through to daily progress reports while on site.
  2. Job Site Manager: In keeping the communication on-point, other things are done to make sure you’ve got a key person to check-in with on your property at all times.  We make sure to introduce of the Job Site Manager and the crews, we conduct on-going daily inspections of the job and job site, and there are daily communications between the Job Site Manager and homeowner. There is also a final Job Site inspection and communication available to head office via toll-free number in case of questions or problems in the future.
  3. Systems: Another important key to the College Pro experience is our organization. The College Pro System ensures your job is done efficiently. Crew kits will be stored out of the way. And most importantly, a systematic approach will be used to paint your home. Homes are power washed to clean the surface prior to work being started, all loose and peeling paint will be scraped and sanded based upon contract specifications, a quality primer will be used to achieve the best possible protection for the home, a test patch will be applied before the finish coat is started to ensure color satisfaction, and painting will be done from top to bottom, left to right – working away from the sun.
  4. Consistency: College Pro is consistently able to deliver a quality paint job through extensive training of its work force through films, classroom instruction, and hands on training. Each painter is qualified to deliver high quality workmanship and a long lasting paint job. We are also very proud of our track record of professionalism. This has been proven time and again through always being properly attired, responding courteously to client requests, working in a quiet and respectable manner, and being polite and courteous not only to you, but also your neighbors and guests to your home.
  5. Protection: In addition, College Pro promises protection guaranteed for two years after the date of job completion.  If there are signs of premature paint failure – we will come back to fix the work under our warrantee.

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