College Pro provides students with exceptional management and leadership training that helps them to stand out NOW and in life after college. It’s Real Life, Right Now.

A College Pro Manager is a leader, an entrepreneur and a responsible business owner. We are currently selecting people across North America who have the drive, ambition, and commitment to succeed—and we teach them how to get there.

Our College Pro Franchise Managers have said:

  • “I ran a business that employed 10 people and I was accountable for everything that we did. I know what it’s like to have people rely on me for a pay check.”
  • “I developed and implemented a business plan. I successfully managed both school and my business.”
  • “My marketing strategy generated leads and made it easier to sell services to my customers.”
  • “I learned to communicate with customers and to deliver what I promised. I also had great customer feedback.”
  • “I discovered who I really was, found my strengths and weaknesses, put myself through challenges, gained self-confidence, and learned to expect more from myself.”

Wouldn’t that sound really good in an interview? We have also provided a number of manager experience quotes within this packet, and can connect you directly with students who are and have been Franchise Managers with us.

Successful Managers can:

  • Learn how to run a business
  • Learn and use managerial and business skills that will serve them long after the summer ends in any future career
  • Gain a proven track record and real world business experience
  • Be financially rewarded for their hard work
  • Have fun and build a lifelong network of like-minded people

We train and mentor our managers in all aspects of running their business; each manager works one on one with a coach who is responsible for helping him/her achieve success. We believe in learning by doing. Managers gain hands-on experience with:

  • Serving customers: marketing, meeting, estimating, contracts, quality work
  • Managing employees and painters: hiring, training, managing job sites
  • Being responsible: collecting money, payroll, tracking profitability

What students can learn as a College Pro Franchise Manager will serve them long after the summer ends.

  • Leadership and Communication
  • Business Organization and Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Relations
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Training and Coaching

We’ve spent more than 35 years teaching students to run successful businesses, and support all of our Franchise Managers with the skills, tools, and technology to help them succeed. Training leaders and managers to run effective small to medium-sized businesses is one of our core competencies.

Our training takes place on weekends during the winter and spring months so as not to interfere with the students’ school schedule. We follow up our classroom training with work in the field. Our full-time General Managers (who were all franchisees while they were students) work with our franchisees by going into the field on their first estimates to coach them, as well as visit the franchisees and painters in the field in the summer. On top of that, our franchise managers have weekly phone meetings with the GM to consult on their business.