Most people don’t realize that a typical project for College Pro starts weeks, even months, before any painting gets done.  The first step is doing an estimate for a potential customer.  For a franchisee, this involves meeting with a potential client, someone who may be interested in having some, or the entirety of their home painted.  This meeting usually takes place on a weekend in March or April and usually takes a couple of hours.  During the estimate the franchisee provides the customer with a clear outline of all the potential work, the paint to be used, the timeframe, the price of the project, even the College Pro Guarantee.  If everything goes as planned, the customer signs off on the proposal and gives the franchisee a deposit.

 It is a little strange discussing paint projects for the summer when there is still snow on the ground but estimates are a key first step in any College Pro project.  If you work hard and use the training that College Pro provides, you can have a large portion of your summers work booked before the summer even begins.

Once a project is booked, the real planning begins.  Painting for College Pro usually begins in May.  By that time, the first month of the summer is booked and ready to go.  All the needed equipment is ready.  This includes ladders, prep tools, drop sheets, safety equipment, paint brushes and rollers, as well as all the paint needed.  This first job of the summer is also usually a learning experience for everyone involved.  When the morning finally comes that the prep and painting begins, everything is ready and everyone is excited.  When the College Pro Painters sign goes up in the customer’s front yard, you know that everyone in the neighbourhood takes notice.

The day begins with an early start.  Tools have to be set up, paint has to be shaken and poured into cut cans, and everyone has to suit up in their College Pro Painters gear.  The job always starts with scraping and sanding, then priming and then the finish coat.  A job for College Pro can take months to set up so that a house can be transformed in a matter of days.

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