Your franchise manager will be happy to assist you in choosing colors for your home’s exterior. But here are some tips to consider before you get started!

Drive through neighborhoods or look for homes you like in books and magazines.

Consider the similarities and differences between the homes that catch your eye and your own home. Think about how specific painting elements could be applied to your home.

Consider landscaping, your climate, materials, and the style of your home. Terra cotta may be your favorite paint color, but it may look better on a Mediterranean stucco home than on your wood home near pine trees. You may want to look for a similar hue that might work better for your situation.

Always look at paint chips outside in the light at various times of day. Bright sun washes out colors and can make distinctions between shades of color less dramatic. Colors will also appear different when viewed in sun versus shade.

Paint dries darker than when first applied, so if you are painting swatches on your home let the paint dry thoroughly before making your decisions.

Consider the colors of nearby homes and avoid clashing with their colors if possible. And pay attention to your roof color and elements such as brick trim when choosing your paint palette.

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