DIY Painting Tips from College Pro Painters: IRON RAILINGS


By: Jeremy Welik – Montreal




If you live in a metropolitan city, such as Montreal, with many homes close together, you will notice a lot of railings. In dense pockets featuring duplexes or triplexes, there is a plethora of railings and staircases accessing each flat. Many of these railings are cast iron and take quite a beating in harsh winter conditions. College Pro has been working with iron railings for over 40 years. Many of our own student painters live in these homes while they attend the nearby Universities. While living in an apartment with cast iron railings doesn’t mean you know how to paint them, spending your summer as a student painter in a city like Montreal does!


Here is a 3-Step process College Pro recommends for dealing with iron railings:


The first two steps address preparation and are crucial to making sure your work lasts.


You are first going to need to scrape off any loose paint. Any sharp and sturdy blade will do but College Pro’s student painters recommend you buy an actual scraper. College Pro would use a grinder and a wire brush in this situation to ensure that even the hard to reach places are taken care of.  A light sand is also recommended to make sure the surface is smooth, especially the top of the railing where people will run their hand.


The second step is often overlooked by many exterior painters and homeowners but is vital to ensure proper protection. You will need a can of anti rust primer. College Pro recommends a red oxide anti rust primer in spray form, however, any color will do. You will need a medium sized rag or piece of cardboard to block the overspray onto other surfaces. It’s important that you spray the primer over all rusty or damaged spots. Allow a few hours for the primer to dry and then you are ready to paint!


Student painters at College Pro recommend you use a high gloss metal paint to cover your railings. The high gloss finish will protect from any hand marks or other dirt. Using a brush and/or small cloth whiz roller will allow you to get into all the cracks and hard to reach places.


One gallon should last you a few years, so take care of it and keep it properly sealed and in a cool place.


We hope these tips help you to spiff up your iron railings… or if you’d rather spend your weekend doing something else, call College Pro 1-800-327-2468

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