While the best way to determine if College Pro Painters is the right opportunity for you is to interview and get more information, there are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your drive and skills are well suited to make for an awesome College Pro Painters Franchisee.


1. What do I want to get out of a summer work experience?

Is College Pro Painters Right For Me

If you are looking for a rewarding learning opportunity, then College Pro Painters may be for you.  Summer is a great time to put to use the knowledge that you are drawing from the classroom into a real world learning environment.  This is the type of work prospect provided by College Pro Painters. If you are looking to gain leadership and entrepreneurial experience, becoming a College Pro Painters Franchisee is a great way to do that.  There are other jobs available within College Pro Painters, including painter, crew leader, and with the right determination, skills and experience the opportunity of becoming a full time member of the College Pro Painters team as a Business Coach.  These jobs cover all different skill sets and create an opportunity for people with different skill levels to have a great summer business or job, as does the excellent training and coaching provided by the College Pro Painters full time staff.


2.  Do I want to graduate ready for a real world job?


While the vocabulary and knowledge learned in college is indispensable, many students find themselves scared and unprepared for the work force on graduation day.  If you want to be confident, filled with experience, and skills that employers are looking for, and ready to interview, then College Pro Painters may be the perfect opportunity for you.


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