My Life After College Pro - Jeff Ayan

Life is awesome, after some journeying I’m now living in Hawaii developing as part of my life mission, and earning income through my own venture.




After I graduated from WMU I sold pretty much all my stuff and packed a big backpack full of clothes, and flew out for Northern California. I didn’t know anyone, have a place to live, have a job lined up, or have too much money, <$2k in my bank account.

Thanks to the confidence and skills I built with College Pro, within two weeks I landed a great job with a local internet advertising agency and become a full-time sales professional. People tell me it is insanely difficult finding work in this region, I didn’t experience that at all. I consistently ranked among the top salespeople at our firm, even outselling people who had been in sales their whole lives. I received a professional wage that would continue to increase as I gained more clients. My first year out of college I earned a respectable $35,000.

I left Ideal Positions at the end of the year, sold my stuff a second time, packed a backpack with a tent and sleeping gear this time, and flew out to Hawaii. I spent four months traveling around, staying at eco villages, working on organic farms, and camping out in the wilderness for long stretches of time.

After some deep soul searching and living as if I were destitute (except always ensuring I had high-quality organic vegan foods), I decided I would start my own website to help people live conscious, heart-centered lifestyles now and accelerate my own personal growth. I just finished my first 30 day lifestyle design experiment with the 801010 raw food diet, where I’ve been eating entirely raw organic fruits and some raw organic vegetables.

Even though I could have doubled my income this year, one of my old clients increased his monthly account with us from $500 a month to $20,000+ per month account, making him the largest account at my company and would have earned me at least an extra $2,000 in commissions per month, I am happy where I am with my career. I am a lifestyle design entrepreneur, a self-created career title for a self-made man living a lifestyle of my own design. I write this at 12:09 in the afternoon from my ocean-view lanai in Hawaii, sitting in my underwear. Thanks to the skills I built with College Pro at a time in my life that I was ripe for the challenge, my life is constantly becoming a more wonderful dream come true.

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