Only you can hold yourself backColton LeFevre

College Pro Franchisee In West Carmel & Westfield

Graduate from Indiana University

2nd Year Franchisee (6th year with College Pro!)

How has College Pro set you apart from your peers?

This company has developed me faster than any other opportunity that I have been presented with. Although my fellow peers are starting new jobs or finishing school, working for College Pro has made me develop into a better businessman and person than most of my peers. Having the chance to run a business hands-on has been the most eye-opening and rewarding experience in my career development.

How do you manage to juggle school and your business at this time of year?

I am a recent graduate living with my fiancé Allie Warner and my son Brodi. College Pro has taught me how to improve my time & priority management.  In turn, I have been able to focus on my business when needed to make sure I am on track for seeing success!

What are you trying this year with your business that is new? Why?

This year I am trying to run a larger business. I have wanted to run a platinum size business (>$225,000) since working for a platinum business owner in my first 4 years with College Pro. It is a personal goal and passion absolutely, but, by pushing myself and challenging my business skills, I am learning more and seeing more success!

What is the biggest challenge you are facing currently (early April) in your business?

“I would say the biggest challenge is simply engaging in your business. This time of year it is very easy to relax and not focus on the business. DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL REGRET IT IN AUGUST!  Now is the time to grow your business more than ever! The weather is nice, people are making decisions, and it’s the best time to market!”

Why is College Pro worth it for you?

College Pro has made me a better person. I continue to learn more each year and the culture is phenomenal!  The opportunities for growing and developing yourself are at an unparalleled level. I wouldn’t change my experience for anything.”

What is the biggest learning you have taken from your experience with College Pro?

“There are too many things I have learned working for College Pro to have one specific take away mean the most. For me, College Pro has made me a better listener, leader, innovator, problem solver, and person. I would say one of the biggest things I have taken away is that YOU are the only thing holding YOU back. Reach out and go get it. Don’t sit around and wait for success to be granted, you have to earn it through hard work and by doing the things no one else has done!”

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